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How To Reverse Sun Damage

July 08, 2021

How To Reverse Sun Damage

As we know, sun exposure and sunburns can lead to sun damage and premature signs of aging. It can lead to unwanted wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, as well as pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. Around 80% of skin damage, and signs of aging, come from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely erase all the damage, but there are ways to help reduce some of these common symptoms. The best way is to prevent further sun damage. Preventing sun damage and premature aging is a lot easier than reversing it.

Most importantly, starting off with sunscreen. It is never too late to be consistent with the application of sunscreen. A lot of sun damage can be seen in areas that are often forgotten when applying sunscreen. Areas such as the neck, shins, and the back of our hands and forearms are typically areas where we see a lot of sun damage. The application and reapplication of sunscreen can prevent more sun damage while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Try our sheer or tinted sunscreen that will become a staple in your skincare routines!

Vitamin C and other antioxidant serums can help reduce oxidative stress that produces harmful free radicals when the UV rays hit the skin. Free radicals can cause deterioration of the collagen and elastin fiber which can lead to further aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C and E are used to neutralize free radicals to prevent damage while simultaneously lightening dark spots and brightening the overall skin. We suggest using our Melange Antioxydant: Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid Blend. Daily use of this potent cocktail counters the aging process by enhancing the rate of collagen production, scavenging free radicals, reversing hyperpigmentation, and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinol is the most evidence based ingredient for improving signs of visible photoaging and helps the skin handle the effects of UV. It works to prevent and correct signs of sun damage. It removes damaged skin cells, lifts dark pigment and age spots, boosts collagen production, and helps skin cells recover from damage.

Another way to combat previous skin damage from the sun is to do a chemical peel. There are many different types of peels ranging from at-home treatments to medical grade peels. Medical grade peels can help fade pigment spots, boost collagen production, and target sun damage. You can also do mini chemical peels at home to help reverse unwanted pigment. Our Soyier Skin MicroPeel Brightening Pads are a great at home peel that provide many beneficial effects. They are incredibly powerful brightening pads that contain arbutin for intense brightening as well as kojic and ascorbic acid to give antioxidant effects. Salicylic acid allows for maximum penetration of the active ingredients.

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