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Hiyah Hilwa begins with the combining cinnamon, bergamot, and tuberose. Wrapped around cashmere wood and Tinka bean that gives it a unique character.

About Sherazade

Sherazade: A Fragrance of Unparalleled Luxury by Capri Lifestyle, the Pinnacle of Italian Artistry, Crafted in the Heart of Dubai's Opulence.

Sherazade, a masterpiece by Capri Lifestyle, epitomizes opulence, drawing its inspiration from the very essence of luxury and prestige. This premium fragrance is a tantalizing blend of enigmatic narratives, woven with threads of pure gold light, reminiscent of tales whispered beneath the enchanting moonlit Arabian skies.

Our brand logo is a direct gateway to the dreamlike world of "A Thousand and One Nights," evoking the timeless allure of the Orient. A radiant dome adorned with intricate patterns pays homage to the mystical realms of the Islamic Golden Age, where opulent kingdoms flourished, brimming with unparalleled riches and the rarest of essences.

In the very name of our brand, you'll witness a harmonious fusion of East and West. The elegant, straight lines symbolize strength and contrast, while the graceful, soft curves represent the perfect equilibrium between these two rich cultural traditions.

Sherazade stands as the epitome of sophistication, offering a fragrant journey that transcends time and place. It is the latest jewel in the crown of Capri Lifestyle, a brand synonymous with the highest echelons of luxury and exclusivity. Discover the allure of Sherazade – where artistry, history, and luxury converge to create an olfactory masterpiece unlike any other.

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